Earlier this year, I had an opportunity to run a Discovery Party for the lovely Rin Hamburgh, a freelance journalist. The result?  A fab article written by Rin, in the Women’s Institute magazine “WI Life”, in April.

Rin writes about many women’s issues, including home making, crafts and personal development, so Discovery Party seemed a great idea. Her article captured the spirit  and the immediate reaction many people have when invited to a Discovery Party…

“A what party?”

Despite their trepidation, Rin’s friends gathered and with a half hour, we had a group of women in their 30’s and 40’s from all sorts of different backgrounds, having a great time! Rin writes:

“Jen’s party games appealed to the inner child in each of us, We were soon in hysterics as we mimed our “bucket lists” (things we’d like to achieve before we kick the bucket).”

The party surfaced all sorts of ambitions and goals ranging from simply “being happy”, to finding a new partner after divorce, to losing weight!

Reading Rin’s article gave me great joy and reminded me about the value and purpose of Discovery Party. She concluded the article saying:

” I desperately need more more and frivolous “girl time” with groups of friends, rather than just the occasional coffee date…but I feel that those of us who attended the party have bonded in a new way”

Job done, I would say!!!!

Thanks Rin and thanks WI Life!

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