It seems as though you can’t move these days for old bands reforming and nostalgia is definitely big business. Whether it is massive pop bands returning for another shot at the big time or indie and Britpop bands heading back in the van to make more cash, there is a lot of great fun to be had in looking backwards. While most gig goers will love the music, it is the chance to reconnect with their earlier self and to spend time with friends that is the most important aspect of the evening. Sometimes the gig is just an excuse to have and the most important aspect of the event is the connection.
One Britpop band who don’t look as though they’re hitting the comeback trail at any point is Elastica. At times they looked pretty bored when they were playing so it’s no surprise they haven’t regrouped but to be fair, their track “Connection” would be the perfect soundtrack to explain the important of parties and getting together with other folk.
This is at the heart of the emerging trend for life coaching parties. This is an affordable and creative way for people to get together, have some fun in a light-hearted manner but to also get some help and focus in their life too. One of the problems in life is that some people don’t like to think about serious matters or the important things. This is why underdoing some life coach sessions in a relaxed situation can be the best way to move forward in life.
Make a positive change in life
Pulling together a life coaching party can make a important decisions in life much easier. It may be that as the host, you are looking to gain some additional support or focus in your life or to create the platform that will aid self-development. If this is the case, hosting a Discovery Party can make a massive difference in your life.
If you have friends that you are worried about and would like for them to develop some focus and confidence in life, hosting this style of party gives you a perfect chance to invite them along. You can play up on the fun and engaging element of the party while informing them that there will be a coach on hand to give advice and to create a dialogue for development. It may be that you want to look out for your friend or friends but you know that if you go in too heavy, you run the risk of doing more damage. This style of party provides the perfect backdrop to give people the support and focus they need. Also, it is a very affordable way to get proper assistance, so you don’t have dig too deep – just the price of a cinema ticket!
Going to see your favourite bands from years ago can give you a brilliant night and a chance to recall younger and happier times. However, when the night is over and you get back to normal, the excitement and energy from the gig can start to fade. This is where having a party night with friends and a coach can help you to get a lot more from life. Whether you want to be “Flying without wings” or you just want to be able to say that you “Don’t look back in anger”, having the right sort of party with your friends can make all the difference.

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