Disclaimer, Safe Guarding and Safe Use

Discovery Party is not therapy, designed as a therapeutic process or intended to replace medical advice and treatment of mental health difficulties.

Every care has been taken in the design of the tools, games, activities and processes contained within the Discovery Party course, however Jen Gash and Discovery Party accept no responsibility for the use and delivery of the materials and processes.    As with all coaching and books, materials, tools and processes designed for working with individuals and group, it is expected that your professional training will guide you in their appropriate and safe use.

As with all individual and group coaching work, anyone using Discovery Party as a coach, needs to be aware of any potential problems which may arise concerning the mental wellbeing of the party hosts and guests. Jen Gash and Discovery Party does not accept any responsibility arising from the party, concerning the mental or physical wellbeing of the coach, the party hosts or the guests attending the party.

If you have any concerns during or after the party, please refer to your professional code of conduct and take appropriate action should you be concerned about the safety of your host or their guests.

As someone using Discovery Party, you are also responsible for any other laws and regulations which may be relevant, such as privacy and information laws (GDPR), confidentiality, adult safeguarding, health and safety etc.