Discovery Party at School

“My contention is that creativity now is as important in

education as literacy, and we should treat it

with the same status.”

Ken Robinson

Helping kids develop as creative beings takes a wonderful mix of courage, curiosity, diverse thinking, emotional resilience and a willingness to try different things and make mistakes. Coaching empowers kids to do develop both all of these, but putting coaching into a format that children can access is crucial. Discovery Parties and the tools and processes we use, are perfect for children at both primary and secondary level.

If you want to introduce a culture of coaching in your school or children’s community group, why not treat them to a Discovery Party. Kids love parties and its the ideal way to learn and develop in a low pressure way!

Here’s what some of the children have to say:

  • I found about other people’s wishes and dreams and I feel like I am the same as them.
  • Everyone had different answers and that helped me
  • I felt all the questions were in my mind I had loads of ideas and I wanted to say them all!

Year 2 (yes we can do this with kids from 7 to 18!) Yatton School, North Somerset

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