Discovery Party – Helping everyone discover a happier life

Over the last 20 years, there has been an explosion of books, courses and activities all designed with the aim of helping us achieve a happier life.  In fact, sometimes it can feel overwhelming, hard work and even make you feel like you have sometimes failed, which really isn’t the point!

This thing called “life coaching” was designed to help people change their lives and every year millions of people worldwide work with a life coach but not everyone can afford a life coach: leading a better life should be available to everyone, not just a wealthy few!   And it shouldn’t be limited to adults in their midlife either! The life skills that coaching teaches us should be available to children and young people, so we love it when schools and youth groups use Discovery Party!

So what is a Discovery Party? It’s a fun, inexpensive way of kick starting the life you want, in a fun, easy going way with friends – basically it’s a party involving coaching games, held with your friends at home or perhaps work or school! Here’s what one party goer had to say:

“The party was a great way to meet new people, discover some like-minded souls and explore more about yourself in a fun and motivating atmosphere….and I have followed up on some of my actions!” Rachel M

There are several ways you can have fun with Discovery Party:

This little video shows you why we do what we do!

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Changing lives, one party at a time whilst growing coaching for real people!