"The party was a great way to meet new people, discover some like-minded souls and explore more about yourself in a fun and motivating atmosphere....and I have followed up on most of my actions!" Rachel M

Coaching…what’s that all about then?

Coaching has been “the” buzz word of the last 10 years or so. Life coaches have helped many people live their lives differently; business coaches have helped businesses of all types grow and flourish, even school kids are being taught how to coach each other so they can study well, build confidence and wellbeing.

At Discovery Party we really, really believe that coaching is needed in the world right now. We also believe that a lived experience of coaching, which is fun and low pressure, helps people engage with all that coaching has to offer. Discovery Party combines coaching with party games and activities to help people access coaching in a fun and low pressure way.

There are several ways you can have fun with Discovery Party:

If you are a school, community group or a charity you can print out a FREE party pack.

If you want to hold your own Discovery Party at home with your friends, you can buy a home edition to print at home, for only £10.

If you are a Coach and want to run parties with your local community and use Discovery Party to build your business, you buy the full version and all training materials.

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