Host and run your own Discovery Party for FREE

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Discovery Parties are a fun, inexpensive way of kick starting the life you want, in a fun, easy going way with friends.

We want you to have a relaxed and fun life coaching experience and start a journey towards the life you really want.

Maybe you want to find a new job, start a business, write a book,  go back to college, become more creative or maybe you just want a new direction in life. Perhaps you want to reconnect with old friends and deepen new friendships. Perhaps you know you just need to get together for a really good natter!

“I had a great time at the Discovery Party! It was lighthearted and fun at the same time as being really insightful, inspiring and motivating. It was great to spend the evening reflecting on my life, where I am now, what’s important to me and what I want. It’s not often we stop to ask ourselves the big questions! The Discovery Party was a wonderful way to do this is a relaxed, fun atmosphere which somehow helped the answers come more easily…. Highly recommended – a wonderful way to spend an evening!” Gail

If you want to have a Discovery  Party with your friends you will need to:

– Download and print the invites, games and instructions HERE

– Decide where to hold the party.  Most peoples lounges or dining rooms are fine and can fit 6-10 people in!

– Send out the invites including a couple of extras remembering to ask people to bring a bottle or some nibbles

– Follow the instructions in the party pack for how to prepare and what to do on the day!


How many people can come to the party?

You will need at least 6 guests, but can have up to 12 so best to invite a couple of spares!

What should I tell people its about?

Tell people it’s a fun, relaxed evening, with life coaching games, aimed at helping people live a life they love

How will know if everyone will like it?

Most people will either be very interested and definitely come along and enjoy. Some people may be uncertain but hopefully will come along and try it.  You will find that some people definitely are not interested – that’s normal!  If your guests think the party sounds a bit serious, tell them that its not a “sit and sob”! We have designed the parties carefully so that its not too “deep” and is lots of fun.

My house is too small!
You could always offer to arrange it and run it in someone else’s house. Otherwise, some pubs have a room you could use, they may charge, but at least you have a bar on site!

Should I provide food and drink?

Drink and nibbles would be good. Its good to ask people to bring something along to share the cost. Not complicated or messy food as we don’t want to many distractions – ordering a take away would be too difficult

Discovery Parties are a fun evening with a real purpose, so what are you waiting for… download a party pack now!



Changing lives, one party at a time whilst growing coaching for real people!