Discovery Party – adding fun and creativity to coaching

I love working in the world of coaching and personal development – Discovery Party® has made it even better….

Fun, friends and future dreams...

Fun, friends and future dreams…

Discovery Party ® helps coaches work in a fun and creative way, whilst they build their business, grow a tribe, market themselves and make an income.

This business was built out of a love of coaching, fun, creativity and the joy of bringing people together.

Discovery Party® is an approach which speaks to people who love these things too.

Many coaches struggle to market themselves and build a client base. It can be de-moralising and costly but there is an alternative.  We have proven success that Discovery Party® helps you market yourself whilst getting paid and it’s great fun!

Even if you are a coach with an established client base, Discovery Party can add creativity and fun to your work, so take a look!

I look forward to seeing you at the party!

Jen(n) Gash  

Creator and Founder


Geniestatic fun

Geniestatic fun

If you:

  • are passionate about coaching and personal development
  • enjoy socialising and working with groups
  • want to build your business
  • want some unique tools in your existing businesswant to join a business committed to co-creation
  • generally enjoy a good get-together?

……then Discovery Party® is for you!

Do you want to work a proven system of unique tools which will help your clients relax, laugh and engage with ease?

Do you want a unique system which connects you to a growing international brand, whilst enabling you to focus on your local tribe of real people?

Are you keen to dump expensive marketing methods and advertising that just doesn’t work?

For an affordable fee, you can become a licensed Discovery Party® coach and become part of a growing family of coaches that are committed to growing a culture of personal development, support and co-creation in the world.

Here is what one of our Discovery Party Coaches has to say:

“Running my first Discovery Party was good fun, socialising with a purpose. I was nervous beforehand, but made sure I was very prepared. The host and guests were lovely, open, participative and just out to have a good evening – which they did. As the games became more involved, and guests focused on real issues, there was a sense of clarity and motivation in the air. The guests were amused and impressed with the twist on the traditional games. I enjoyed using coaching skills to help guest make the most of their night. The host became a paying client!

Running Discovery Parties will:DP website 3

–  Help people to get a taste of the real you, increasing the likelihood of them wanting to work with you further

–  Give you a place to “sell” your goods and services

–  Help you promote other events and workshops you might be running

–  Develop your own skills as group leader and personal voice as a coach

–  Provide you with a unique route into organisations you want to work with

–  Understand the needs of your clients better, as they share during the party

–  Help people unlock and unblock as they relax and enjoy the party

If you are an executive coach or want to include fun, creative group-work within your work, Discovery Party will give you access to unique approaches and tools.


DP pic 4


You could offer:

–         A lunchtime Discovery Party®

–         A party as part of a team away day

–         An evening party for a company social occassion

–         Or just incorporate  Discovery Party® tools into your existing ways of working

“I have asked Jen to provide a diluted (due to time constraints) Discovery Party for Business Inspired women recently. Having met Jen this year I was very impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm of her field and was intrigued to see how coaching could be done in a creative way. Having had our meetings Jen provided us with a fun and creative way of looking back on this year to look at our achievements and give to us positive coping mechanisms for the challenges of 2013. There was much laughter and fun from her sessions, feedback received from the women who attended demonstrated to me that Jen was perfect for our requirements and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for some direction.” Alison Wilmot, Business Inspired

Discovery Parties can be run with all sorts of people…here’s just a few ideas:

dp pic 5 jeff

–         Groups of mums thinking about returning to work, retraining or generally wanting a different life

–         Groups of young adults who want to find a career path

–         Groups of older people facing transition to retirement

–         Children or teenagers who want to think about job choices or college routes

–         Teams who are disengaged and struggling

–         Women’s groups in organisations

–         Community groups and support groups e.g. carers groups

–         Wellbeing groups

Actually, there are so many opportunities and a myriad of possible ways you could use Discovery Party® – it is only limited by your imagination!

So join us now and start meeting real clients and building your business whilst having fun




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