Discovery Party at Work

” You can discover more about a person in an hour of play,

than in a year of conversation”


A you looking for a team building activity or a way to introduce your staff to personal and professional development activities?

Bored of the same old activities and speakers…well hold on tight….we do it differently and usually with balloons…

Did you know that the best way to learn is in a fun, relaxed yet purposeful environment? Parties are perfect!

Discovery Parties at work are a unique combination of meaningful, helpful activities, spliced with fun and lots of laughter.

Parties can be aimed at general issues or themed to address a specific focus  such as:

– well-being

– communication

– relationships at work

– work-life balance

– unlocking creativity

– managing change

Our simple, fun tools are remarkable powerful and leave a lasting impression:

“Jen took a staff team from the independent Carers’ Charity, The Carers’ Centre Bath & North East Somerset, through a series of fun based activities that in a short time led to an increase in self-knowledge and coaching skills.  The creative approach with some innovative tools enabled the team to both be stimulated and grow in understanding and gain insight into some possible steps to take towards attaining personal goals. Jen built an atmosphere of trust and engaged with team members to overcome initial reticence and to provide  both an enjoyable team building opportunity and of personal discovery”

Clive Brooks Bath and North East Somerset Carers Centre

So why not start your staff off on a voyage of discovery and growth.   Ideal for the skeptical and disillusioned or those needing to smile,  be they managers, leaders or staff:)

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