Discovery Party adds fun and creativity to your coaching!

Discovery Parties are run by all sorts of coaches and others working in personal & professional development.

Perhaps you are working as a coach but fed up slogging away on your own, eeking a couple of clients?   Are you finding it really hard going getting life coaching clients?   Or perhaps you just want a more fun, flexible way of working with coaching?

Maybe you are fed up paying for expensive marketing and advertising which doesn’t work?  Or fed up spending hours on the computer, blogging and working at social media, when you would rather be connecting with real people?

Or perhaps, you an Executive Coach and want to inject some fun into your work? Perhaps you want to work more creativity and know the value of creativity in leadership at all levels.

Then Discovery Party has something for you….

We have had so much interest from people all over the UK and we are looking for coaches, life coaches or those with a professional, personal development background, to join our thriving business.

Please contact us here if you are interested in becoming a Discovery Party Coach and we will keep you in touch with how the business is developing!

If you:

  • are passionate about coaching
  • enjoy socialising and working with groups
  • believe that creativity and fun are at the heart of all we do
  • want to build your business as a coach
  • want some unique tools in your existing business

Then Discovery Party is for you.

Here is what one of our Discovery Party Coaches has to say:

“Running my first Discovery Party was good fun, socialising with a purpose. I was nervous beforehand, but made sure I was very prepared. The host and guests were lovely, open, participative and just out to have a good evening – which they did. As the games became more involved, and guests focused on real issues, there was a sense of clarity and motivation in the air. The guests were amused and impressed with the twist on the traditional games. I enjoyed using coaching skills to help guest make the most of their night. The host became a paying client!” 


Several Great Reasons to become a Discovery Party Coach


Its fun. Going to a Party to work: Seeing people laugh and find true passion, purpose and resourceful ways forward, whilst they share a glass of vino with friends! Coaching needs to lower pressure to unlock creativity….what better way!

Spread the word: Coaching is the World’s “Second Fastest Growing Profession” … The National Post. As Coaches we know why, but so many people don’t. Our aim to bring Coaching to a much wider audience, not just people in high flying jobs or business owners. Coaching is too brilliant not to be shared.

Get paid to market yourself:  If you work for yourself, it can be really hard going. Instead of paying money to join networking groups or advertise in a magazine or online where you might get very little response, why not join Discovery Party and meet people who are your direct target audience.

Be part of something new: You will be joining something completely unique, with tried and tested, “ready to go” tools and processes!

Build a tribe and a meaningful mailing list: If you ran one Party a week for 40 weeks of the year, you could grow your emailing list by 300 people plus! And these are not random people who you have no relationship with – they already know you, have experienced your way of working and your knowledge and skills. This is a much better way of building a resonant tribe!

Be part of a growing national business: We are committed to marketing Discovery Party nationally. As a Discovery Party Coach, you can contribute to our blog and website content and get a bigger audience.

Training and resources:  You will have access to our growing training and resources website which also includes marketing ideas and materials.

Promote your own business and sell your own goods: Although this isn’t about selling “stuff” to people, there is benefit in having a small selection of relevant products at your Parties.   You can also offer ongoing workshops to your Party guests and promote your own Coaching.

You will develop new skills: Your group work skills and marketing skills will develop greatly. You will also have new tools to use and develop as both a Coach and business owner

New opportunities: New doors will open, you will find different settings and places to run Parties. This is only limited by your imagination!

“Discovery Party has been designed around a coaching process and framework and most of our coaches hold coaching qualifications, however we recognise that some people hold a variety of exceptional skills in related fields (e.g. NLP, Therapy or Psychology, CBT etc), so please let us know what your background is.  Each application will judged on its on merit.”


Consultants - Become a Discover Party Coach

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