Geniestatic fun

If you have been to a Discovery Party, you will know that it is really fun and relaxed, but it has a serious side, which we approach in a light-hearted way – finding the life you love and thinking about things which you may want to do differently now or in the future.

But there is another side to the parties, which may not be so obvious. We believe that Discovery Parties help people come together, in communities, be they social communities or groups of friends or even perhaps groups of work colleagues.

As human beings, we used to do this much more often! Before the days of radio, TV and of course the internet and Facebook, we used to come together, sit and chat and connect much, much more often. In fact if we go back further in time, before the nuclear family became the norm and we started living in individual homes, we used to gather as groups of people, tribes or communities of families.  Sitting around the fire, cooking communally or taking as we grew or caught our food, might not sound appealing to you all, but it was the here that people connected and talked about all sorts of issues – they rarely seeked help from outside their local community.

Apparently, we all live increasingly connected lives…internet, mobile phones, social media, mean that we can “connect” with people without leaving the comfort of our laptop…..

I’m not dissing this. Our modern lives’ offers us so much, but can also lack the intimacy and naturally supportive relationships that used to exist years ago, including who to turn to, or who might have some knowledge or skills or help that you need.

So Discovery Party aims to reconnect people, either with their existing friends or new people who may live round the corner they have never met! It is about natural networks and looking at existing resources, especially local knowledge and advice. Rather than feeling isolated and stressed in today’s highly demanding world and turning to Google to solve your worries or going to your GP about your wellbeing, perhaps you might find you already have the resources inside you! or if you don’t someone else in your community probably does.

We always find that people go away from our parties with all sorts of unexpected benefits. As well as time to think and plan and coach themselves towards a different path, they often find that someone else in the party can help, be it a friend with some helpful knowledge or the party coach who can support them on their journey.

So next time you are feeling the need to reconnect in a way that doesn’t involve a “screen” or “charger”, why not through a party instead! You might just find something wonderful happens.

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