Most of my time as a life coach, is spent helping people tackle feelings of “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t think I can do this” or “I don’t think my idea is that good” or “I am not cleaver enough, thin enough, brave enough……etc” These Gremlins spend a lot of time chatting in our ear and over time they really don’t help us. Our self belief shrinks if we don’t find evidence that they are wrong or at least find ways of keeping them a little quieter. .

Every time I hit a problem or challenge with my business, my Gremlin starts saying things like:
“well what did you expect Jen, you are just a housewife from Bristol”
“are never mind, you knew deep down you would be disappointed about all this”
“only people with rich partners or lots of money can start business, of course it won’t work”
“ahhh…you tried Jen…never mind…perhaps go back to your old job”

I have started Discovery Party from scratch, my idea, my business and it’s not an easy road, but deep down I know it works and every time I run a party, I get such great feedback and even people who haven’t been to a party say “That’s such a good idea”. So I have evidence against some of those doubts. The personal ones are harder to tackle!

I try and shake off the “I’m just a housewife” I have worked part-time on and off since the girls were small. It’s not easy but I manage. There is no such thing as “just a housewife” – women juggle the demands of running a house, feeding everyone, making sure everyone is clothed and , in my case, vaguely presentable, doing all the school admin, home admin, holiday arranging, after school activities and that’s before looking after ourselves! We are masterful l managers…never ever forget that!

As for the “you knew you would be disappointed” thing, well that not my intuition speaking. That’s me bracing myself for disappointment, knowing that its easier to expect disappointment than to expect success. When I realised how comfortable disappointment is, I gave it a good kick, right back where it belongs!

I have tons of evidence against needing lots of money to start a business…I’ll share that over the coming months, but yes you can’t often give up your day job straight away, and yes you do need to start small, find cheap or free ways to do things, but many many people have made great businesses without a bean to start with.

Go back to my old job? Well it’s a safety net, its there if I need it, but I would have to be desperate to go back now.

I know that Discovery Parties are helping people in many different ways. For some its just fun evening with friends, but even then, many seeds are sown during the party and often people will say “Well actually it was at the Discovery Party that I started thinking about this” For many others it’s a golden opportunity to experience life coaching and make future plans so that we don’t look back on our lives and say “I wish I had…., but its too late now”.

So dust off your wine glasses (ha ha as if they ever gather dust!) get some nibbles in and your best friends round and have a Discovery Party at home.

Or talk to your boss about having a Discovery Party at work (teams that play together work well together).

Find out what all the excitement and fuss is about!

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