Discovery Party is now in full swing.  Parties are running every week, sometimes twice a week and I’m loving it. Every party affirms that this is a great idea: people are always intrigued by what they are coming to, not sure what its about, but always end up having a great time and say “that was really helpful and fun”.

Some parties have had around 7or 8 people, one had 17, and all the parties have been very different. Different age ranges, different sorts of people, different backgrounds, different expectations and different outcomes. All as diverse and individual as the people attending. All of them overran with people chatting for much longer (I gotta work on that!) but it does show how women are naturally good networker’s and support each other in a relaxed way.

Other progress over the last few months, include a new logo and brand identity, a new face book page and the website continues to develop.  I don’t feel like this is hard work – it just feels like I am growing a unique plant in a relaxed fun way.  Sounds good doesn’t it!

From April, people attending will pay £10 each, which everyone says is about right. For that small investment, you get a great evening with friends, access to a life coach, your own personal coaching tool to take away and other free goodies.  This charge allow the coach to cover their costs and time for coming to the party and we think you will agree its very good value and cheaper than most other party nights.

So over the coming months, we have other coaches coming on board, all over the country. I am so excited about this, partly because I am looking forward to working with some new people but also because it means we can start spreading the word further afield.   We want to develop a dedicated, strong network of enthusiastic Discovery Party Coachs all over the UK,so if you know of a life coach who would be interested in joining us, please give them our details.

How we develop this business is a hot discussion topic. Do we build it into a franchise, maybe operate a licensing system or something completely new.  I am up for breaking moulds and making it something different. Something not based on selling stuff alone, but something that is a win-win-win-win for all involved, us (Discovery Party), our coaches,the hosts and their guests.

So there you have it. Please let us know your thoughts. Get in touch if you want to host a party or become a Discovery Party Coach or just want to know more.  Talking is something we love to do:)

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